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The World’s Most Expensive Sausage

The 2015 British Sausage Week took place from 2nd – 8th November and the theme this year was ‘Sausages of Distinction’.  To celebrate, we created the world’s most expensive sausage and its official – the Guinness World Records are busy preparing our certificate!  

The sausages contained Mangalitsa pork, truffles, Stilton cheese, porcini mushroom powder and vintage 1947 port and were sold for £37 per sausage, over 100 times more than the average British sausage which costs just 35p.  British Sausage Week celebrates taste, quality and diversity of British Sausages and Kevin Turner described the £37 sausage as the ultimate “posh banger”.

To find out more, watch the video on The Independent website.

We are awaiting the official news from the Guiness World Records that we have secured our place in the next book and will keep you posted!

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